Sunday, December 12, 2004

Knitting & I

I am a relatively new knitter. It’ll be one year on New Year’s Eve. I’m some what self taught. My Grandma taught me to knit a couple of times when I was a kid but I didn’t stick with it.

I sat down on the couch with some Red Heart acrylic yarn, a pair of #10 needles, Knitting for Dummies and a glass of champagne. Oh yes, and my cat on my lap. Armed with these simple tools I taught myself to cast on. My technique wasn’t pretty but it got the stitches on and they stayed on. It turns out I remembered how to do the knit stitch. Within no time, I was knitting away. My first “project” was a blue variegated scarf in the garter stitch.

I then made another garter stitch scarf out of Lion Brand Homespun. We had some unusual snow so I was shut up in the house for a couple of days. It was the perfect opportunity to knit.

After finishing my second scarf I decided it was time to conquer the purl stitch! This one wasn’t so easy. I thought I remembered how to do it but none of my stitches looked like the examples in the book. After a bit of trial and error I was purling almost like a pro.


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