Thursday, April 14, 2005


I didn’t realize it had been so long since I’d blogged. Well, I have a lot to show for it.

First though I need to vent…

I hate seaming. I especially hate seeming knits to purls. As per usual, I learned a lot from this project. I already knew I shouldn’t decrease on the edge. The thing is, on the back, I didn’t listen to this advice. At least, not on the first decrease. When it came time to do the seam, I really wished I had frogged and started over with my decreases.

After the first decrease I started doing my decreases in the first 6 stitch rib. Hmmm, does anyone really care? Probably not. But my advice is always do you decreases and increases at least a few stitches into the row. It makes seaming easier.


Here’s my first vest. I love the colors! The only problem is I think it may be too big.

I’m going to wear it tomorrow and will get a couple of shots in it. I’m going to a yarn shop opening.

And here’s my second vest, in progress. The pattern is the Boogie vest
from knitty. I’m using Noro’s Big Kureyon. And I’m loving it!

It would longer but I when I started my increases in the waist, I realized I cast on the wrong number of stitches. This is a bit of an experiment for me. The pattern doesn’t call for waist shaping. I am taking the shaping from the Vogue vest pattern (minus one decrease) and using it here. This will be my first cable pattern.

Sheba decides she needs to inspect my handy work.


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