Friday, November 30, 2007

New Sweater

The Little Guy and I made it to Abundant Yarn this morning. It was the biggest group of Moms and kids yet. At one point there were seven kids. LG was the youngest and subject to a little more attention then I was comfortable with. He on the other hand loved it.

Thanks to the help of Heather I was able to fix the sleeves on the Placket Neck sweater. Yes, that's right sleeves. Plural. There were matching holes in both sleeves. All I can figure is they got caught in the stroller.

The weather forecast is calling for snow tomorrow. This sweater should come in handy.

I've also decided to abandon Norberta the Second. I'm going to use the left over yarn I have to knit another Placket Neck sweater. First I need to finish Norberta the First (and only for the time being). I still have yarn to make another Norberta. I'll use the left over yarn from that one on the sweater too.


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