Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Icehouse Springing

The Spring Forward socks are progressing nicely. I've been making good time thanks to Micheal Palin's New Europe on DVD. He almost lost me at the leaches but that's another story.

I'm breaking tradition with these socks. I'm actually knitting them on US size 1 needles. I've always knit socks on US size 2 before. The fabric is a lot tighter then I'm used to.

The socks are showing some interesting pooling. I hope I'm able to repeat it with the second sock.

The stitch pattern is really easy. My only complaint is there are six ssk (slip slip knit) every other round. I hate ssk. Even though the pattern is easy that hasn't kept me from messing up a couple of times. I'm think I'm back on track. A couple more rounds and I'll be starting the heel.


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