Saturday, February 05, 2011

A change of shawls

I mentioned a few posts ago I want to knit a red shawl for my friend's wedding. Originally I was going to make 198 Yards of Heaven for her. I was going to use two skeins of reddish Noro Silk Garden that I had in my stash. I started the shawl a couple of days ago. I didn't get very far but I knew this wasn't the shawl for her. I spent most of yesterday trying to decide what to do instead. I REALLY need to knit from my stash.

Than I remembered I have a skein of STR Lightweight in the Knitters w/o Borders colorway (red, black and white) that another friend gave me. They are exactly the right colors for the future bride! And I'm knitting the Traveling Women shawl which totally fits because my friend is traveling out of the country to get married.

I am so excited about this! The color repeats are short so I hope it doesn't pool too bad. Now I just have to knit this thing in a month. Fingers crossed!


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