Sunday, January 01, 2012

2011 - The Year in Review

Using and otherwise getting rid of my stash was a big priority for me. I went over my yarn totals for the year. And here's what I came up with:

Total Knit/crocheted: 6828 yards
Total sold/given away: 7134 yards
Total bought: 5779 yards
Total given: 1155 yards

Strangely enough when I add and subtract these totals (7028 yards) they don't match my month by month total of how much yarn I got rid of this year (4609 yards). Weird.

I'm sad to see that even though I was on a "yarn diet" I still bought a lot of yarn. It feels like a bought almost as much as I used. I should have kept track of how much of that yarn was used for something and how much was stashed. I tried really hard to only buy yarn for specific projects. However, I admit there was some stashing this year.

I do feel good because I knit with and got rid of some deep stash. I finally used my red stash, those six balls of Rowan Biggy Print I bought on sale at Yarn Garden eons ago and three of the four balls Rowan Chunky Print that I bought even before that. It was a big accomplishment that I am proud of.

I finished 23 projects this year. Five of which were for me. I knit 11 monsters and animals. All but one of those used stash yarn. The one that didn't use stash yarn was my first commissioned project.


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