Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Finished Objects

I spent most this New Year’s weekend tying up some loose ends and finishing some projects. First I finally seamed my Boogie Vest. I had actually finished the knitting ages ago but since I hate sewing I put off finishing it. Not only did I finish it but I wore it to work today.

I used just under four ball of Noro Big Kureyon and added a little shaping. I should have made it one size smaller and shorter. But I think it goes well with my red hair and I love the colors!

I also finished LA’s hat to go with her Clapotis. I hope to get it in the mail to her this week.

I also worked on Greg’s socks but didn’t finish them. I should be able to finish them this week. I also frogged Charlotte this weekend. She just wasn’t big enough and I didn’t really like how the yarn looked with this pattern. I may try again in the larger size later on. I really love the yarn and want to make something out of it!


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