Sunday, June 27, 2010

An experiment in color

Back in May of 2006 I dyed some Koigu yarn in the center pull balls to see what would happen. The end result was beautiful but not very useful yarn. I had yellow at one end, white in the middle and blue at the other end. I've been waiting for the perfect project ever since.

Flash forward four years (I'd be surprised if it had been any shorter) and I've finally found that pattern. Based on the recommendation of friend at Knit Night I cast on Domesticat's Chevron Scarf. After much debate I decided to alternate balls from opposite ends to get a stripe pattern.

Of course, this wasn't an easy choice to make. I kept wondering what the scarf would look like if I didn't alternate the colors. What if there were no stripes? What if was blue, white and yellow? Well, I couldn't stand it. I have since ordered two more skeins of natural Koigu (see my previous two posts on addiction) to dye myself. Stay tuned for further experiments.


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