Saturday, May 28, 2005

Back Home

We got back home Thursday safe and sound. I spent yesterday morning getting all of my photos from my camera to my computer. Then I had to look at all of them. I took me awhile since I have around 1900 photos. I started uploading them to flickr last night. Then this morning I realized I should do the most important ones first, the photos of my shawl.

Here’s a photo of the wedge one completed. I finished it on the train from Madrid to Sevilla.

And here’s a shot of it in my seat. It’s a bit bleary. For some reason at the time I thought it’d be funny to get a shot of the shawl in my seat. You should have seen the looks on the other passengers’ faces (we were in first class).

And here’s a shot with wedge two completed. I had to stop here since I lost the pattern. I really wished I’d had the pattern with my for the 10 hour plane ride home.

Now that I’m home I’ve started working on the shawl again. Yippee! I hope to have photos of wedge three up soon!

Oh yes! I bought some yarn in Amsterdam. I'll take photos later and get them up on the site.


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