Monday, August 29, 2005

Lesson Learned

Not all Cushing dyes are created equal. Actually I already figured this out when I used the apricot and the robin’s egg blue. The apricot was a lot stronger even when I added more water. What I hadn’t learned that one color could completely overwhelm another color. This roving here is supposed to be apricot and turquoise green.

Do you see any apricot? Me neither. I now have a camouflage colorway. It’s not the bad really. I’ll just save the turquoise for another time and try to find a lighter green to go with the apricot.

There was so much turquoise green dye left that I was able to dye these two skeins of yarn...

The skein on the left is the original left over turquoise green dye and apricot. The blue in the skein on the right is from the waste from dyeing the skein on the right. The green is lemon lime kool-aid. I’m going to have to think real hard before I use the turquoise green with another color.

Sheba prefers to keep an eye out over the back yard.


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