Saturday, May 27, 2006

Swearing off Swaps

At least temporarily and not completely. This won’t be easy since I really love doing swaps. I get to buy people presents and I get presents in return! I’ll probably do round two of the knitters tea swap. I can’t quit cold turkey. I just don’t have the time right now to really participate.

I’ve pulled out of the remaining Project Spectrum hand dyed sock yarn swaps. This was really hard for me because I really enjoyed May. I got some great yarn! But dyeing takes a lot of time. So i’m also sort of swearing off dyeing. Although I do reserve the right to dye in the crock pot. There’s no way I can’t. I have about a pound of undyed yarn lying around.

Once the wedding is over and we’re back from the honeymoon I’ll be swapping and dyeing up a storm!

In the meantime I’ll distract with photos of some roving I dyed last weekend. I used the dye left over from my black and white and… experiments.

I’m calling this “colorway” bruise because it’s black and blue and yellow.


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