Saturday, August 19, 2006

Jaywalker #1

I'm about four and half inches into my first Jaywalker Sock. That's pretty good progress for one day of knitting. It helps that I had a ferry ride and three train rides to work on it.

Today we've been touring Århus, Norway. They have a great open air museum that we spent most of the day at. There were three different women dressed in period costume knitting. One women was knitting wrist warmers to sell to the soldiers. It was interesting because she was using unwashed wool so that the warmers would be water proof. The other two women were both knitting socks (without any pattern).

Although several of the exhibits featured yarn and spinning, there was no yarn shop in this museum. The folk museum in Olso sold yarn but I didn't get any. Århus has a yarn shop but it was closed this morning when we went by.

Tomorrow we are off to Copenhagen. It's a three hour train ride so I should be able to get some knitting done.


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