Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sock History

Instead of boring you with another progress photo on my Jaywalker sock I thought I’d share my limited sock history.

My first socks were the Comfy Socks from Knitscene and were knit out of chunky yarn. I wanted to get used to working in the round on thick dpns. The really small ones scared me.

My next two pairs of socks were Thuja Socks from knitty. I used worsted weight superwash yarn that I dyed myself. Both pairs looked pretty much like the pair below.

My next pair of socks were first pair that I knitted for myself. It’s a basic sock pattern out of Hill Country Sweet Feet in the May Project Spectrum colorway.

The next pair of socks I completed were also green. I knit Interweave Knits Diagonal Rib socks out of Hello Yarn Grasshopper. This pair took me a really long time to knit. I’m not sure why other then the rib pattern was rather complicated.

Fortunately my current pair of socks aren't green. Of course, the next pair I plan on knitting are.


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