Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I've done some baking the last couple of days. I've only tried two of the three. I'll wait until tomorrow to tell you about number three.

These applesauce bran muffins are something I should have blogged about sooner. This is the third batch I've made and I've done them a little differently every time. The Little Guy LOVES them. The only problem is they are very, VERY high in fiber. Feed them to the young with caution.

Today I made brownie cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Last week a mom brought something similar to play group and I've been craving them ever since. There are completely from a box. I used Dr. Oetker organic brownie mix and added chocolate chips. They're frosted with Betty Croker "cream cheese" frosting. I'm not sure there's even any cream cheese in the tub. I hope I never have to use this stuff again as it doesn't even taste like cream cheese. These turned out really dry. Next time I'll make a sheet and frost them with real cream cheese frosting.

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