Friday, December 17, 2004

The Gifts Begin

I had my last class last night. No one was ready to do the zipper so I didn’t even get a demo. Sandy, the instructor said she’d email us about getting together in January to see all of our finished projects. She also told us that one of our classmates ripped out her entire sweater because it was too small. Not only that, she’s not going to remake the sweater, she going to make something else out of the yarn. I think it wasn’t so much the size of the sweater but the project itself. I think the sweater broke her.

I did manage to start a sleeve last night. It is almost completely sewn in. The sewing process is one of those things that I hate to start but once I get going, I’m usually fine. Of course, this is only me second sweater.

Before class I bought a bunch of yarn to make Christmas presents out of. I bought two balls of Zara Plus Extra Fine Merino in blue (#8) and yellow (#15). I’m going to make the Boyfriend Scarf from LMKG for my dad. Blue and gold are Cal’s colors and I think the yellow is pretty close. My dad doesn’t really get cold but I figure he can’t say no to a yellow and blue scarf knit by me!

I also got two balls of Phoenix from Classic Elite Yarns in Bright Plum (#6647). The main color is a purple eyelash and then there are also pink, blue and teal loops in it. It is really soft and is a blend of mohair, wool, nylon and acrylic. I’m going to use it to make a scarf for LA.

Then I got two balls of in Sirdar Fizz a pink/red. I got these to make a soft, fuzzy scarf for Krista. Fortunately she’s not expecting it until after Christmas so there’s no rush. I couldn’t decide on what color or yarn to use for her. I like this one because it is fuzzy and little bits coming out. It looks almost like more then one type of yarn used together.

Finally I got three balls of Anny Blatt Laines in three different colors. Supposedly I’ll be able to make six Airy Scarves from these. The pattern calls for Rowan Kidsilk Haze but it’s so expensive. I thought I should practice a few times before I used the real expensive stuff. I’m going to practice the pattern on less expensive yarn first so I can get the hang of it. I’ve never done lace before.

Last night after class I started the scarf for my dad. I had to restart a couple of times to get the gauge correct for the pattern. I started out with the size needles suggested by the pattern, US# 11. Now I’m using #9. I may switch to size 8 but I want to do a few more rows first.

I also played around with the pattern for the Airy scarf. I found some wool that I bought awhile back that I thought would look good in the pattern.


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