Tuesday, January 01, 2008


1. Finish all four work in progress sweaters.
a. Smolder Sweater
b. Edie Cardigan
c. Sunrise Circle Jacket
Edited to remove Mom's Sweater.

2. Knit at least one more sweater out of Rowan Summer Tweed.

3. Start spinning again (i.e. use the fiber in my stash).

4. Finish Mom's Jaywalker socks and knit her two more pairs. Updated.

5. Take a quilting class.

6. Take a serious look at my stash before buying new yarn. No new yarn for me. I can still buy yarn for The Little Guy once I use what I have (i.e. Pea Pod Baby Set).

7. Clean up/out second bedroom and paint it.

8. Cook more meals with greater variety.

9. Work more in the yard. Grow and eat more veggies and fruit.

10. Make Christmas ornaments and advent calendar.

UPDATED: 11. Update this blog more often with progress on the previous 10 resolutions.


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