Thursday, March 26, 2009

A change I can use

Goodbye and good riddance!

Hello beautiful!

Today our new oven/range was delivered. The old oven came with the house and was a piece of junk. Only two of the burners worked and the oven heated unevenly. The new one is a smooth top range with convection oven.

It's so shinny and intimidating. I did work up the courage to make hard boiled eggs and a loaf bread. However, the second rising on the loaf was about three times as long as the recipe called for (bad timing on my part) and I didn't use the convection feature. We'll see how the loaf turns out.

I did use the "proofing" feature. This is a warm setting for rising bread. It did a pretty good job with the first rising. I'll use it for both rising on the next loaf. I'm also looking forward to using this feature when I make the No Knead Bread I've been obsessing about.


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