Monday, March 16, 2009

More fun with stencils

Last night I did a large batch of t-shirts for The Boy. Five shirts in one night. It helps that three of the stencils were store bought and the other two were already cut out.

I didn't really care for the store bought stencils (airplane and car). The stencils weren't very wide so there's a few mistakes. But I really dig the two in one aspect.

I'm planning on doing a reverse of the car too.

The Boy has just started saying yellow so he has to have a yellow truck.

The last one is inspired by a book we got from the library - Little Blue Truck. I love this book but The Boy isn't really into any more.

I have a couple of shirts left and a huge list of ideas. I keep telling myself he only needs so many t-shirts. But I'm not really good at listening to myself.


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