Sunday, November 22, 2009

When did this become a blog about cooking?

Today was a big day of cooking. I made the squash soup using this recipe. I used the squash from yesterday's post instead of butternut squash. I turned out pretty good. I think it needed a bit more spice. I didn't get any pictures but might tomorrow.

I also baked some cheddar wheat bread from a recipe that I found in some magazine ages ago. Its super easy and super yummy. I didn't get an photos of it either. But I might tomorrow.

Then I baked the pie above. Actually, I baked two. My mom took home the second pie. They were a test run of these recipes. I made the filling from scratch using a sugar pumpkin from a previous farm share. There was another sugar pumpkin in our Thanksgiving share. I really liked the consistency of the pie but I think it needs more spice.

The pie crust is frozen and came two to a package. I don't have custard cups like the recipe suggests so I made two pies. I used Pacific Natural Foods Organic Frozen Traditional 9 Inch Pie Shells and was quite impressed. I'll probably use them again for this weekend as I'll be too stressed out about the turkey to make pie crust from scratch.


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