Sunday, December 19, 2004

Weekend Knitting

Things never go according to plan. Where to start? First… I didn’t get enough blue and yellow yarn for my dad’s scarf. On top of that, I’m not sure that the two additional balls I got will be enough. I’ll just have to use the leftover yarn from the first two balls and make some shorter stripes. I was going to use the extra to make my dad a mini sweater ornament.

Then my mom told me that she thought my Grandma would want to give her scarves on Christmas. So much for putting those off until after the holidays. A little background here is probably in order. My Grandma knit four scarves for two of my aunts and two of my cousins and then gave them to me to put the fringe on. When I got them I discovered none of them were longer then about 2 ft. That length was barely long enough for the scarf for my youngest cousin.

With my mom’s help (she did the fringe), I got the first two finished in time for Thanksgiving when my aunt and cousin were in town. Then I put the other two on the back burner for later. Anyway, I did manage to finish the knitting on the two scarves this weekend. My mom is coming over tomorrow night and I’ll ask her to do the fringe. Then I’ll work on my dad’s scarf.

I was hoping to have both my dad and LA’s scarf done by today. I haven’ even started LA’s. I also worked on the Airy Scarf this weekend. That was another battle. First, the pattern is wrong. If you follow it as written, you’ll end up with a long triangle. The eyelet row has a decrease in it. The pattern leaves off the all important first yarn over. It took me a little while to figure out what was wrong. Once I got that straightened out, I started the pattern. When I finished the center portion, my scarf was supposed to be 32.5 inches long. It was 17. I obviously did something wrong there. Sigh.

The moral is, at least I finished my Grandma’s scarves. I’m going to tell her about the Warm Up America project ( Basically you knit squares, sew them together into afghans and then give them to local charities. All she’d have to do is knit 7x9 squares. Then there wouldn’t be the battle to get her to knit the scarves longer. My mom said she’d help with sewing the squares together. That would be great since I don’t really care for the sewing part. And then mom and I would have a project to work on together.


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