Saturday, October 15, 2005

Pinwheel Progress

I’m almost finished with the second skein of blue and green yarn. Technically, it’s the third skein but only the second complete skein. Does that make sense? Does it really matter? :) You can't really tell but the blanket is getting bigger. You can tell if you can see how crowded my 40" needles are.

I dyed some green yarn this morning, now I’m waiting for it to dry. I even put it in front of the heater in hopes that it’ll dry quicker. I also dyed some plain purple for the trim of the purple and pink blanket. Hurry up and dry!

Actually, it’s okay if it takes awhile to dry. I got this in the mail today…

It’s a pound (1000 yds) of silk/merino yarn from Mystical Creations Yarns. I’m going to make mom a Clapotis out of it for her birthday. It's more pink then I was expecting but I still like it. The only problem is that I’m not sure my ball winder can wind that much yarn. I may have to go to Mabel’s and use their winder. Regardless I’m going to knit a swatch tonight and check out my gauge.


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