Tuesday, February 07, 2006

When the east winds blow

I start a new project.

Last night I cast on the Super-easy Leg Warmers from LMKG. The east winds are supposed to be picking up again this week which means waiting for the bus will be cold. I wanted to make these during the last cold snap but never got around to it. I’m hoping to be able to knit these up quickly but I’m pretty sure it’ll take longer then the two to four hours the book suggests.

I’m using Knit Picks Wool of the Andes that I dyed myself. I’m also not using the Madil Kid Seta that the pattern calls for, mostly because I don’t have it. The hand dyed yarn is from my stash.

Working on these will give me time to think about Lady Eleanor. I have a potentially tough decision to make. I may need to start over with smaller needles. I’m still getting holes with the size 10US. I wish there wasn’t such a huge difference between the think and thins of silk garden.


Blogger Marji said...

I htink I just saw on your flickr comments that 2 hrs ago you posted that you'd ripped out the whole thing? ohhhhhhh noooooo.
If its any help, I'm knitting my Noro Silk Garden Lady E on size 8s and am really happy with it, and am knitting the Noro Shinano Lady E on size 9's and again, am really happy with it.
but, this week I had to frog 1/2 the front of my Colchique - knit on size 4's, because I left out a whole cable repeat before starting my Godron section. Probably represents about as much knitting time. I feel your pain.

2/11/2006 12:42:00 PM  
Blogger J Mac said...

I did decide to pull out Lady Eleanor. I decided to go with size 8 needles too. The holes between the rows just got to me. I've decided no matter what, I'm going to be happy with the look I get from the size 8 needles. :)

2/11/2006 01:38:00 PM  

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