Sunday, January 22, 2006

Stash Sunday - Traveling

This week's theme was stash bought while traveling or online, site unseen. I have a lot of yarn that I've bought online so decided to stick to the yarn bought while traveling. I have two.

There's the Lang Yarns that I got in Amsterdam. I've already used this yarn to knit L.A.'s clapotis so it's technically not stash anymore.

And the Recycled Sari Silk yarn that I got at Art Fibers in San Fran. I'm thinking of making the unbiased pusre from knitty with this yarn. I think I'll keep it out as a reminder.

I heard from my Secret Pal. She (I think) said that she'd shipped my first package and it should be here early next week!! Yippee! Also, the Secret Pal that I'm spoiling got her package and really liked it. Double Yippee!

I cast on another project to while away the time till I get my green yarn. I'll have pictures tomorrow.


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