Thursday, March 30, 2006

What I’ve been working on

There hasn’t been a whole heck of a lot of knitting going on. I finished the knitting part of Lady Eleanor late last week (photos soon). Now I just need to block and fringe her. Neither of these will happen any time soon. In the meantime, I have yet to cast on another project.

What have I been working on instead you ask? This weekend we went from this

to this…

The second picture is nearly two tons of garbage. How near you ask? Approximately 1.9 tons of garbage. That’s nearly two tons to me.

The early part of the week was spent recovering from the weekend. I went to bed early two nights in a row. Then last night I finally taped the archway in the living room for painting. I had originally planned on doing this a couple weeks ago. Better late then never.

I hope to do more knitting this weekend.


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