Monday, March 24, 2008

This and That

I've been making pretty good headway on my cooking New Year's Resolution. I've been able to cook dinner at least four times a week and I try to include at least one new thing each week. This week's new item was Pizza Soup.

I also finished another toy for The Little Guy. This one is a lot less sperm shaped but he doesn't like it as much (of course).

Speaking of toys for The Little Guy I ordered the cutest tools for him. They're from fede and I love them. Right now he likes to throw them but I know he'll like them more in time. I got the hammer and wrench. I wish there were more tools to choose from!

And finally, I've set up a little spot in the kitchen for him. I really, really want to knit him a bunch of fruit and veggies. In the meantime I'm making due with his Baby Einstein blocks that have fruit on them.


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