Monday, January 28, 2008

Sick, sick, sick

The Little Guy, Greg and I have all been sick. That means very little sleep, minimal housework, no knitting and lots and lots of laundry.

I do have some New Year's Resolution updates. The last couple of weeks I've been going to Open Spin Night at Abundant Yarn. I've even managed to get as far as plying some singles. I used leftover roving to practice on. Everything was either over or under spun. I've got more practice roving to work on before I move on to the good stuff.

I don't have pictures of my new yarn but I didn't catalog my roving stash. You can see the photos here. They're at the end of the set.

I also managed to finish the first of Mom's red Jaywalker socks. She has been really nice and let me off the hook for her sweater (the one I've had on the needles for several years). I think she'd given up on it a long time ago. In return, I'm going to knit her two more pairs of socks in addition to the current Jaywalkers. Surely I can knit two pairs of socks in one year. Right?

Of course, this just means I have more Rowan Summer Tweed to get through.

I also went through and cataloged my sock yarn stash. The photos are here. Again, the photos are at the end of the set. Some them have been photographed before.


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