Sunday, January 30, 2005

We finished the floors!

Okay, so we haven’t actually finished the floors. We’ve finished the portion that needs the air stapler for. Now the manual work really begins. All the remaining boards need to be nailed in.

Last night I balled up the Great Adirondack yarn.

Here’s a reminder of what it used to look like…

This is what it looks like now...

Too bad the color looks so bad. However, the ball is that big! Here’s a shot using Sheba for scale (too bad she won’t sit still).

I’m going to knit up a swatch tonight and see how it goes. At first I thought it wasn’t thick enough to be a bulky. It almost looked like a worsted weight. I took a look at the Rowan Big Print that I have and they look very similar. That’s a relief. I hope it works.

It would suck if I can't make the poncho out of it. Greg suggested I get another yarn that looks similar. I guess I could do one rectangle in one yarn and another rectangle in a different yarn. Or I could try and find another poncho pattern that uses only 560 yds of a worsted weight yarn.

Keep your fingers crossed!


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