Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Yesterday was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and being a quasi government employee, I had the day off. I honored the day by going to the beach with my friend Adrianne. It’s become an annual event (started when I became a quasi government employee). The event usually involves driving to Cannon Beach, walking to Haystack Rock, eating and shopping.

This year’s trip was very different from previous trips it that it was raining. Raining hard. And then there was the wind. The women in the yarn shop said it was the first real storm they’d had all winter. That’s saying something in mid January.

Yes, I went to the yarn shop. Cannon Beach is home of a very nice shop called Siren Song. It’s in a cute round building just a block off the main drag. Not to worry though, I was good. I only bought one skein of yarn! The fact that it was a skein with 560 yards of hand dyed chunky wool shouldn’t count against me in the least.

So, what does one do with 560 yards of hand dyed chunky yarn? Make a poncho of course!


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