Saturday, January 15, 2005

Can You Tell the Difference?

Can you find the differences in these 2 pictures?

This first picture is of Sheba and I trying to stay warm during the January 2004 snow storm here in Portland

This second photo is of Sheba and I trying to stay warm during the January 2005 ice storm, again here in Portland.

1. Different Room.
2. Different Knitting Project

Maybe I should ask about the similarities. There’s a lot more of those.

1. Same Kitty (Thankfully!) and she seems to be feeling a lot better.
2. Same Knitter but with a more complex project.
3. Same pajamas.
4. Same haircut. Hmmm, perhaps it’s time for a change?

Anyway, we woke up today to a sheet of ice over everything. The first thing I did was put in fresh suet into the feeder. It was empty and the birds need the extra fat on days like this. We’ve seen several Flickers and a Varied Thrush.

I really don’t mind being stuck in the house. More knitting! There’s not much else to do. It’s great! Although this means I’ll miss Fiber Arts Northwest’s yarn sale this weekend. It’s probably just as well. My stash is big enough as it is.

As much as I like being iced in, I hope it doesn’t last too long. Adrianne and I are supposed to go to Cannon Beach on Monday. I heard that Siren Song reorganized their shop so the yarn section is even bigger! Sometimes I have a one track mind.


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