Thursday, February 24, 2005

Yarn Sample

Look what came in the mail today! It was totally unexpected.

It’s a sample skein of the yarn I’m getting from Hello Yarn. Its 36 yards of bulky merino. What can I make with 36yds?

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

New Project

I went to the beach with my mom on Monday and the weather was wonderful! I couldn’t believe that we could have such a lovely day on the Oregon Coast in February. I guess that’s Global Warming for you.

I was going to work on my poncho while at the beach. I wasn’t even going to go to the yarn shop but… You know what they say about good intentions. Actually I didn’t do too badly. I decided I was going to do a scarf for my aunt’s birthday. Siren Song has kits and I found one that has a variety of yarn that is mostly black. It’s turning out to be a lot of fun. It’s like a grab bag and I don’t know what yarn is coming next.

Now I just need to finish it by this evening. Can you hear the sound of my laughing?

I got some inexpensive needles since I didn’t have the needed size with me. I also got some bee buttons for my next bee hive hat. Although it’s been so warm lately I’m not sure when I’ll ever need another hat.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

On to the next step

Greg declared today that we have finished the floors! Yippee! Last time I saw them (the finish is still drying) they looked great! I’m sure that eventually I will think they were well worth the work. Now it’s on to the bathrooms. Groan.

I finally finished the back of my mom’s sweater! I think it looks pretty good. I left the shoulders on stitch holders so that I can do the three needle bind off. I did that with my green sweater and the seams look great.

I also started the second panel on my poncho on Saturday. I didn’t get very far but at least I started. I’m making pretty good progress. I knit away while we watched King Arthur. It wasn’t a very good movie although the cast gave it their best. There’s only so much you can do with a bad story line.

I will post photos of the projects tomorrow. I have the day off from work. Mom and I are going to Cannon Beach for the day. It’s supposed to be sunny. I’m a going to avoid the yarn shop. Although I did just finish my tax returns and I’m getting a refund! Oh wait, I already spent it. Damn!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


The yarn shop called and my yarn finally came in! Who knew it would take a month and a half to get some Cascade 220? I’m going to pick it up tomorrow night. The yarn shop has banker’s hours (they close at 5:30 most nights and aren’t open on Sunday)! Of course I won’t be able to start the project right away and Greg is going to give me a hard time for buying more yarn and I probably don’t need another poncho anyway. But, at least I’ll be using a gift certificate and I have a project in mind.

I really want to learn to do lace. There are some beautiful shawls out there that I want to do. I need to find a good beginner pattern. Preferably something smaller, that didn’t take a lot of yarn. I’ve seen patterns that took 1000 yds. Although Knit Picks does have the right yarn for under $4 a skein.

Anyway, I shouldn’t be thinking about new projects. I have plenty of in progress projects to think about.

Last night I discovered that my mom’s sweater is now covered in a fine layer of dust. Greg sanded the wood floors and for some reason, I didn’t think it would be that dusty. I should have covered everything! There is a fine layer of dust everywhere. And it’s not the easy to clean dust either. Hey! Some dust is easier to clean then others! This is like the drywall dust.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

I finished something!

Okay, so I didn’t finish, finish something. But I did finish the first rectangle of my poncho!

Instead of plowing into the second panel, I decided to work some on my mom’s sweater. I was farther along then I thought. I’m almost done shaping the shoulders. I’m using Rowan Summer Tweed which isn’t the easiest yarn to work with. Cotton and silk don’t blend well and isn’t very soft. It's got a lot of woody bits in it and it has a strong smell. The nice thing is that dropped stitches don’t fall out. The stitch just sits there for you to pick up with the needle. Also I was told it would soften after the first washing.

Once I finish the back, I’ll do the second panel of my poncho. Then I’ll actually finish something.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Still no real knitting news to report. I did manage to finish Lauren’s scarf on Sunday. Now all I have to do is sew in the ends and mail it. How hard can that be?

This week instead of knitting I have been setting nails. That’s right, setting nails. Last night I was upstairs in my pajamas listening to my iPod while setting nails. It wasn’t pretty. Let me say this one more time, I was setting nails.

I knit a few more rows on my rainbow poncho last night. I think I may be getting close to finishing the first rectangle. It’s hard to say since the pattern doesn’t say how wide it should be. I guess I’ll just have to guess.

I did get some yarn from Knit Picks . It’s their Wool of the Andes worsted weight wool in a natural color. I’m going to use it to learn to dye my own yarn. I’m going to start with Kool-Aid and then move on from there. I’ve found a bunch of reading material on line. Now all I have to do is find time to read it and then actually do it (note the sarcasm in my voice).

Sunday, February 06, 2005



The Clapotis. Sigh. I’ve been seeing this project everywhere lately on the blogs. It’s a scarf that can be spread into a shawl or it’s a shawl that can be scrunched into a scarf! All the ones I’ve seen are so lovely. I thought, I want to make that! Then I read the pattern. Yikes! I think it’s a little too complicated for me. It’s something to keep in mind of the future though.

Enough about other people’s projects, on to mine. Here’s a list, and more importantly pictures of my current projects.

1. Green Fuzzy Scarf – I started this scarf for my cousin Lauren yesterday. I’m using Santa Ana from Needful Yarns. I have three skeins in light green (top right of shade card). This yarn is so soft! And so reasonably priced that I’d love to use it for other projects.

2. Rainbow Poncho. Here’s a photo to show my progress on the first rectangle. I’m making good progress. For some reason I’m having a hard time capturing the true color of this yarn. I think I need to get some natural light.

3. My mom’s green sweater.

4. My green sweater, with Sheba.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Still Waiting

I’m still waiting on my Cascade Tweed that I ordered from Northwest Wools. It’ll be a month on Saturday. Who knew it would take so long to get Cascade 220? I’ve called several times and they keep telling me the same thing, "It’ll be in on Friday, we’ll call you." I have my heart set on doing the One Baaad Poncho in grey tweed. It’s beginning to look like I may have to pick a different color. Sigh.

Last night my mom came over for dinner and to look at all the work we’ve done on the floors. It was a nice relaxing evening. We even had a fire. For some reason I picked up my Beehive Hat and worked on it. Only mine isn’t going to be a beehive. It’s going to be a sort of leaf. I’m using Lamb’s Pride in a park green, deep pine to be exact. On this particular hat, I was thinking of using lady bugs instead of bees. I also got Lamb’s Pride in a honeycomb yellow to make the hat with bee buttons too. What can I say? It’s a cute hat!

I’ll post some pictures this weekend. What’s the point of a knitting blog without pictures?

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